Legend and mythic enemies

Are these only spawned through completion of feats? Or can they randomly spawn in maps or normal floors. There should also be legend and mythic cartographers that drop higher quality maps :smile:

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My fea of “kill cartographer” never increase no matter how many i killed these challenge map’s cartographer, no idea how to get the legend map at all

They are buffed atm, team is working round the clock to fix this as well as the other legend map reward. Just gotta be patient. I was just wondering about the enemies, I’d the legend and mythic mobs only spawn after completing the feat.

Imo legend mob should drop more loot, in comparison to a beefy end of cartographer map chest.

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I’m wondering this same thing. I’d love if mythic enemies spawned not just from feat completions. What’s the highest floor you’ve reached? I’m still sub 200.