! legend builds!

Hey! I’m not playing Warrior so I can’t really share my point of view about your builds, but…!

In my opinion you’re spreading too much, seeking to do too much effects, so you forget to cap some stats, to be clear :

If you wanna build something with procs and make them efficient you have to get 2 affixes on every items, at least :

  • Twister %
  • Elemental Damage %

You’re seeking only legendary items, so you can’t get these affixes, you’ll lose too much damage on twisters (6*20% = 120% twister, on 4m dps you’re dealing something like 10m, you see the difference?)

Also, you’re building some “spellsword” build… but it’s not efficient if you don’t get some dodge (6*10 = 60% dodge, which can increase your dps/resist, so far)

Making a mix of legends isn’t a good way to be powerfull, and thank godness, because most part of high level’s players is based on the craft of their own stuff with their own epic items crafted.

You can split your build on 2 : a twister build / a spellsword build. And even a 3rd : frostbite build.
These builds are powerfull if they are maxxed, I did a twister one on a wizard, i’m reaching 8-10m per twister, and spellsword build was tested by another player called JBL, he’s actually the highest DPS on the ranking (20m dps) :smile:

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Thanks for reply,

i now there is epic items you can crafted to absolutely godness, but this is discusion about legend items. You are very right about that, Stats is not PERFECT, but this is life :smile:

You’re welcome!

I didn’t understand you were asking for “full legend builds”, my mistake, sorry!
So if that’s based only on legend your builds are kinda nice thought :smile:

Any wizard legend builds? :smile: would highly recomment that!

Meltox look here viewtopic.php?t=524
I show some builds on my mage with full legends :wink: specially recommend the mana shield one

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I will :smile: thank u!