Legend farming

I’m farming floor 101 to get nadrodji. Could someone help me?

Only drops above floor 100 AND only on powerful monster aka epic and up

if you want to speed up your chances of getting a Nadroji Ring or Necklace…

the Portal Boss at the end of Maps floors 21 or above are Epic. just go straight to them and kill them (on floors 101+).

Cartographers are found at the Green Dot on Challenge Maps, or have a random chance to spawn on Campaign Maps, and they are Epic. just go straight to them and kill them (on floors 101+).

Hunter Shrines spawn a Shrine Guardian that is Epic (I think it is the Orange Shrine). if you find one, activate it and kill the Guardian (on floors 101+).

Enslavers have a random chance to spawn on maps, and they are Epic. killing them on floors 101+ not only gives you a Pet, but a chance for a Nadroji.

Map Bosses on Campaign Maps and Cartographers on Challenge Maps may have one or more Epic Guardians. kill them also!

a Challenge Map with the Epic Enemies Affix increases the number of Epic Guardians for the Map Boss or Cartographer. you can use Larimar to change the affixes on a map until you get the affixes you want, and use Diamond to increase or decrease the values of those affixes you want. I think the Epic Guardians Affixes goes up to +5.

completing the Kill Rare Enemies Feat will spawn an Epic Horde (about 3-5?). you need to kill 100 Rare enemies to spawn the Epic Horde. 75 if you have the Accomplished Perk.

completing the Kill Epic Enemies Feat will spawn one Legend enemy. they will drop at least one Legend Item, and on floor 101+, it has a chance to be Nadroji! you need to kill 50 Epic enemies to spawn the Legend Enemy. 38 if you have the Accomplished Perk.

completing the Kill Legend Enemies Feat will spawn one Mythic Enemy. they also will drop at least one Legend Item. you need to kill 10 Legend Enemies to spawn the Mythic Enemy. 8 if you have the Accomplished Perk.

completing the Kill Mythic Enemy Feat will reward you with a random Eternal Item. Eternal Items have the same requirements to be found as the Legend versions. you need to kill the Mythic Enemy to get the Eternal Item Reward.

Hunter Ring. this is the Hunter Mythic that goes on a Ring. you need Rebirth, Flight, Quest, & Fortune Myth Stones to make it. it spawns 1-3 Epic Guardians at a Shrine or Pool. the Hunter Shrine would be 2-4 Guardians. if you don’t have these Myth Stones, you can spend Gold to Convert lower MS to higher MS until you have one of each. don’t forget you need a Ring with 4 Sockets to put the Myth Stones into.

the Hunter Perk works just like the Hunter Mythic, but most players get it 4, 5, or 6. I got my first Nadroji without a Hunter Ring or Perk, so I was a little lucky.

the Accomplished Perk and Fortunate Perk are good choices for your first 3 Perks. Accomplished lowers the requirements to complete the Feats and get their rewards. like killing 75 Rare Monsters instead of 100 to get the Epic Horde to spawn. the Accomplished Feat with Magic (+200%) and Rare (+500%) Enemies affix on Challenge Maps will help you get the Epic Horde faster. the Fortunate Perk gives +200% Gold Find & Luck over Cap.

get your Luck up to +650% (this is the Cap). with Fortunate Perk, your Luck can get up to +850%.

Accomplished and Fortunate were my first 2 Perks, Enshrined being my third (I was focused on Ascending for Perks, not Farming. also, it gives you a second Shrine on your Maps, so more Epic Guardians if you are using a Hunter Ring or Perk). I think I got my first Nadroji after I got my third Perk, but before I got my fourth.

hope this helps, sorry it is so long.


Lol see the reply above. Question answered