Legend pets drop

Hi I have a question, the drop of legendary pets, is there any way to increase it?Maybe with luck, or some other way? Because I only have drops as much of epic pets I think it was going down since the last updates, I do not think it’s just bad luck to have, thank you

In my experiences, the drop rates for legends and eternals, as far as pets go… are seldom and few.

Having said that, legend drop rate is far better then the almost non existent eternal pets.

Theorically, increasing Luck is what you need. But if you think about how much items you need in order to get a single legend, you’ll need slain several enemies. So, what you really need is very High Luck + Monster Spawn Boost (to increases your enslaver rate).

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Very high luck, item drops, spam floors until you find an enslaver. If you paid or earned the monster boost floor, you still do the same steps with very high luck and item drops but you’ll find the legend pets more quickly.

I don’t pay often but monster boost comes relatively quick from Advert boost or feat boost and I use that on a floor such as floor 400 and farm those for 5 minutes and see how many pets I get . I remember getting 20 pets that way but legend pets do take time to find.

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Apparently, legend drop rates(pets/item) has no exact method/way unlike eternalized/ crystallined items. The process/premise before u can have an eternal/crytalized item or pet is that the item must be a legend first whether it is dropped or u bough it in the shop.

Thanks cuz, as always, good response from you, I’ll see if I make a build, with what you tell me, I’ll see if I have more luck that way, and the next one I show in the forum a good drop of pet

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try 1012 Luck and (8) Nadroji

You don’t need (8) Nadroji. That’s a terrible idea!

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i think legend pet is consider as ultra rare legend :blush: so if im right nadroji will help us to hunt a legend pet :wink: btw enslaver is consider as powerful enemy :v:

I think the only rare legend pet is Merlin’s Imp, cause all legend pets have no restriction.

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so useless nadroji in hunting legend pet?

Pets aren’t affected by Nadroji . It’s the rare legends that say they are from Powerful Enemies such as Defiant loot for eg.

Although Nadroji bonus might be affecting pet rarity, though im not completely sure since I stopped using the bonus and the drop rates are hardly affected let alone the rarity. Luck for certain does affect pet drops.

I think they do. Nadroji helps on the rarity of the pet. Well its my observation by the way.

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1012 luck + 1 hour monster boost spam floor 2. That will surely give you legend pets. :slight_smile:

Nadroji items may increase rarer pet drops try it out!

me too i feel nadroji in pet hunting :blush:

do you know guys where is the best place to hunt nadroji?and is it possible to get narjodi and eternal pet in easy quest as long as you got item rarity boost from the cash shop?

Just spam floor 201 and find Epic Mobs. Use Hunter Mythic Ring if you haven’t ascended to get Hunter perk. Monster boost will help you and also % Epic enemies on Challenge Map.

Not at all.
You will lose that free 100% enemyrarity in in floor 201,just check the adventure page for sure.And hunter mythic ring cant give you enslaver that only appears beside the purple pool(not 100% sure about this).

In my opinion,Monster boost is the best choice.If not,get at least 1012 luck and loot floor 200,finding(this is very important,I can get 30 pets in 5 mins monster boost on floor 500 for fast movement way) and killing ensalver as soon as possible.
If your build are enough powerful,do the same on floor 400+ with nadroji bonus(100% enemyrarity)