Legend pets drop


Thank for the reply,I’m only feel curious how can I upload the ultra rare legend stat, look at my stats in my build and I have 62%, I would also like to know what is the maximum value of ultra rare legend find.
Thanks again for considering my build good,that gives me hope to at least complete the legenday pets


id seriously activate the accomplished perk. You drop legend and eternal pets quicker. PS I seriously need to raise my magic find. Mines 750 :(. Dropped 2 eternal pets since I started 7 months ago although things are looking up when I activated accomplished and started farming at 400 and above to activate all the enslaver quests


Keep always an eternalized set, high ‘game luck’ number and… A lot of real life luck! :joy:
I got just 3 in normal PvE, 1 on 200/150 enslaver and 7 on mythic enslaver…
Now, I really give up to fins eternal pets, almost impossible. :triumph:


I think ultra rare is 75% chance maxed. Not 75% out of an hundred but a thousand drops iso my theory. So a 0.75 chance ? Someone will tell me I’m wrong.


Best way to get eternal pets is to kill enslavers after floor 400 (even normal difficulty) while monster spawn boosted because you get one enslaved every floor. Better still if you have accomplished perk. 38 enslavers spawn a legend one. Kill about 10 of them you get a mythic one. Kill the mythic one then he drops an eternal pet. Make sure you keep the map you open for the mythic enslavers is level 400 plus but easy to defeat. Don’t go to crazy high floors


Got 13 hours of monsters boosts so I’m doing floor 2 mythic runs @ObiWanKenobi . Wish me luck


What set has that luck? Please post it.


lol. the fun