[legend suggestion] cataclysm with toss, scalp, torrent proc

Although I play two wizards after release 1.7, I would suggest there should be rings that have several skill proc for warrior or rogue.
For warrior, a ring that proc toss, scalp, torrent, fear. Players can spend hero points on those skills and get stronger benefit from those skill proc of the ring.

Cataclysm is not a “wiz” proc item. It procs skills that symbolizes weather catastophies. It just so happens that most of them are from Wiz but Earthshatter for example is a warrior skill.

Use Identity set affix with Cataclysm, it would boost most of those procs if you were a non Wizard.

I would recommend to use legend with set affix Malestrom as well

Just wanna share this. Used it on my Rogue weeks ago.


Identity works great with Maelstrom.