hey guys i was wondering… the legend items seem a bit toe to toe with the epics, or even a few notches down? ive been checking some builds, and for most of them its all epics, with 1 or 2 legends.

ive been having tons of trouble clearing the 160ish floors, on lvl8. my warrior dps is only 200ish K dmg. if it wasnt for my mage hire, im guessing i would be a lot lower. both are almost fully legend equip, some from the floor +140…

am i mistaken, missing something, or is it done on purpose for some end?

There isn’t “full legendaries” builds, at the moment.

The best combo for now are 1 or 2 legends + 4 / 5 epic.
That’s only because the most part of affiixes from legends are crap, and you need epic items to get the “need stats” like “crit dmg” “crit chance” “attk speed” and “elemental dmg %”

That’s better because if you had to get 6 legends to get your stuff, it would take long time… and the builds wouldn’t be so diversitified… !

If making the floors 160+ is hard for you, I think you should work on a better stuff, maybe get some epic stuff and rerolling it to get better stats/affixes :smile:

Don’t forget to mention the fact that enchanting, let’s say, a base armor/weapon with I think its 4+ affixs the item becomes epic. And, quiet frankly I think u can create some beast items this way. Most pre-found epics have like 1-2 shitty enchants, sometimes those enchants are the first affix and it totally kills the item removing the enchant and having to start from scratch again. :imp:

i see… a bit of a let down. i was chasing the full “blood magic” set for 2 days now…

i really gotta start thinking my builds then… i cant get past 300k dps and theres dudes with 12Mil, and 20Mil lol :stuck_out_tongue:

DPS shown on your attack page doesn’t mean anything you know
You can get 100k dps and dealing more than someone with 4m dps :smile:

Idk maybe this is common in wizards. But as a warrior I have never been doing more DMG with less DPS.

Well, i’m not playing warrior, but I know that if you wanna reach High dps, you’ve to base your stuff on the frostbite damage, which is not counted in dps (200% frostbite max) so… m:)

Dieter do you know if in the spiritmancer the dps of the spirists is taken into consideration on the dps page? it doesnt seem like it, now that i think of it

I don’t think so, minions aren’t counted in the dps either!
Or I missed something when I checked it lol

Spiritmancer encompasses the following talents:
Diffusion (combo this with legion/recall, it works nicely! If your aim is DPS though, then place 1 recall affix on an item, save your ammy slot for empower for DPS!)

None of the above affect stat page DPS, Volatile is based off of your offhand damage, and most likely is empowered by the summon ability, along with boost, etc. (I havent tested it yet though, I’ll get around to it one of these days)

For DPS: Use elemental tree for Plague; Use archmage tree for empower/focus (archmage is a better catchall if you have empower/focus both active, +4 to all arch mage +2 to all skills on magus stone = +6 to both empower (+18%dmg) and focus (+12%dmg) they stack multiplicitively so it works even better, but on the other hand, plague only works if you use poison but is far more powerful than focus alone.

Those are the three most important talents for DPS on the wizard, unless you include magnify + staff, which gets pretty sick if you do it right (remember that magnify is on elemental tree, hence why they go well together; In my video in guides I demonstrate magnify+plague combo with a weak staff)

Spiritmancer doesn’t affect DPS page due to the fact that most of the talents listed affect only offhand dps, which doesn’t show on the stat page. :frowning:

Never crafted my epic since its too tedious, so i just go for legends and rerolling. In my exp, you wont most likely reroll more than 10 times to get acceptable stats.

So right now, all my items are legends from different sets… Exvept for my helm which is an epic picked up and rerolled (has ‘might’ both as a talent and affix, plus epic +atk speed). So without spending hours and hours crafting, warrior with 2.42mil DPS and pretty much comfortable gameplay at EP8 in the final dungeons (hope they add more!)

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Whats the highest frostbite damage% on one item, since my icy grip is 18.5% icedmg, 95%ish frostbite and 4 archmage, i dont wanna reroll it lol