Legendary Arson Blade solo Hiking

Hello Masters
How are you today?

I want to share and at the same time ask for corrections from you about my crafting because I only have 1 character slot
I hope there is input from you guys to maximize the potential of my build

The basic gear I use is 3 sets of “crushing flames”, 1 set of “masochims”, 1 set of “nadroji” and an additional set of Pathfinder affixes in Allflame OH Warrior
thanks in advance to bro @anon87655529 for sharing tips on how to maximize Obsidian affix points, and it works well without us having to spend a lot of dust and throw it away
okay, this is the work of my hands while I was playing, and this is my best result… considering the limitations of the gems I have
let’s check it out

I dont have pet Inferno and demonic,so im using random pet

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-6 crushingFlame is already fine. 6*50= +300% crushingBlow dmg, which means instant kill for normal rarity enemy. the 7th CF will only boost you about 12.5%.(we assume every affix boosts at least 25%)
-Your dmg is mainly from MH or OH? If MH, u should move weaponDmg to MH, this affix will only affect where it stays.
-If you attack only with primary skill, add extraAttack&multiAttack.
-Weaken and IgnoreResist seem not working at the same time. When i remove ignoreResist, my dmg is higher(150%weaken). Seems IgnoreResist covers weaken. Someone should correct me.
-My permanent method: 7epiphany+81%block+40bulwark+sanctuary. The other block affix is from INDRA’s BOON(codex-warrior-9thPage). Craft multiple times and there would be a crystal(cyan) one. Maybe you are still on low floors and have no survive concern. When u really cannot stand it, take this method.

I’m getting stubborn when i notice that: even i put all affixes on dmg, i still cannot reach 1billon per hit(struggle at about 1600floor). Regular dmg means little compared to crushingBlow. So my focus turned to “crushingBlow and hit frequency”. Now my build has no dmg affixes inside, but works well. I’m in this circle, anyone could advice me something?


Im in floor 1843 M3 sir

Im using sprint,sometimes KS to increase movement speed
Thanks,maybe i will change ignore ressist and weaken to effective ring(mythic)

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Weaken: % chance to do more damage. 100% or higher (200% cap), all attacks cause Weaken. affects damage at the Element damage level after Resist Element, Greatly Resist Element, Immune to Element, and Effective against Element. more Weaken means more damage! Weaken also works with Arcane Element.

Effective Mythic: all attacks do +25% Effective damage. is affected by Greatly Resist Element and Immune to Element.

Ignore Resist: cancels Weaken and Effective, and also cancels enemies Resist Element, Greatly Resist Element, and Immune to Element.


Weaken +30% vs Enemy Resist (each map gives enemies 50% resist to the maps element).
(1 x 0.5) + 0.3 = 0.5 + 0.3 = 0.8. 30% of your attacks are doing 80% damage and 70% are doing 50% damage.

Weaken +30% vs Greatly Resist Element (reduces damage of one Element by 75%) (higher Tier monster might have up to all 5 Greatly Resists).
(1 x 0.25) + 0.3 = 0.25 + 0.3 = 0.55. 30% of your attacks are doing 55% damage and 70% are doing 25% damage.
it’s possible for you to be on a map with monsters Greatly Resisting the Element that is Effective against them.

Weaken +30% vs Immune to Element (enemies take ZERO damage from their maps element).
(1 x 0) + 0.3 = 0 + 0.3 = 0.3. 30% of your attacks are doing 30% damage and 70% are doing 0% damage.

Weaken +30% with Effective Mythic vs Greatly Resist Element.
(1 x 1.25 x 0.25) + 0.3 = 0.3125 + 0.3 = 0.6125. 30% of your attacks are doing 61% damage and 70% are doing 31% damage.

Effective Mythic vs most monsters.
1 x 1.25 = 1.25. attacks against monsters without Greatly Resist or Immune do 125% damage.
Greatly Resist with Effective Mythic example: Ice is effective against Fire. on a Fire map, any monsters with Greatly Resist Ice will take 31% damage. 1 x 1.25 x 0.25 = 0.3125. Effective Mythic also works with Arcane Element.

Ignore Resist: all attacks do 100% damage. Resist, Greatly Resist, and Immune are ignored. this is why Weaken & Effective Mythic don’t work with Ignore Resist.

a Crystal +90% Weaken takes up 1 space and gives 90% of your attacks +90% damage.
Weaken +100% to +200% takes up 2 or more spaces. every attack takes Weaken damage.

Effective Mythic takes up 1 space giving you +25% damage to all attacks, but takes a big hit against monsters who Greatly Resist their Effective Element. this is usually your Epic+ monsters.

Crystal Weaken +90% and Effective Mythic takes up 2 spaces, more if you want higher Weaken.

Ignore Resist takes up 1 space. although you don’t get any improved damage, you don’t have to worry about reduced damage from enemy Element Resists or Immunity.

I usually either go with +120% Weaken or Ignore Resist, depending on the space requirements of my Build or Build Requirements. I have only recently thought of using Effective Mythic with Weaken, but that means either going down to +90% Weaken with Effective Mythic to stay at 2 spaces, or take up 3 spaces with Effective Mythic and +120% Weaken.

hope this helps.


this calculations hurts my brain mate :joy:



well, another way to look at it without the math is…

Effective Mythic would work great on Campaign Maps, as only a few monsters would have Greatly Resist, and a good build would take care of the few that do. on Challenge Maps, there is a Map Affix that can give all monsters +1 or +2 Monster Affixes, which means more chances of Greatly Resist affixes, even on the Normal, Magic, and Rare monsters. this is considered the weakest of the three.

Weaken +60% or better is good for any map. +90% to +120% makes it even better than Effective, even on Maps the same Element as your Weapon. you can get Weaken in the early game with Epic Weaken +30% on two Items. this is considered the strongest of the three.

Crystal Weaken +90% with Effective Mythic is a good combination for lots of damage on all Maps. this can take up lots of space if you want Weaken +120% or higher, but you are doing lots more damage against Greatly resist monsters than using either of these separately.

Ignore Resist is considered the second best to use. it only takes up one space and you don’t need to worry about the -50% Map Element Resistance, Greatly Resist Element, or Immune to Map Element at all. sure, you don’t get the extra damage like you do with Weaken or Effective, but your damage doesn’t get lowered either. this would be better used on Challenge Maps with Builds that don’t have lots of space to spare.


need to try this I’m stuck on floor 1157 M3
thank you for sharing but unfortunately I play with Rouge :persevere:

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is it taking lots of time to kill monsters because of not enough damage or are you dying a lot?

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Take a long time to kill epic monster

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if you want, start a new thread showing your Build. that way we can see what kind of changes are possible.

if it takes a long time for Epic monsters, you must be going crazy with Legend & Mythic monsters!

some ideas…

Crushing Blow (with or without Crushing Flames Set).

More Power Stat and Less Health and/or Mana.

Legend +200% Weapon Damage on Weapon doing most of your damage.

Two or more Legend +100% Elemental Damage on your Gears.

Two or more Legend +100% Elemental Critical Damage (Frostbiting, Blight, Blistering, Celestial, High Voltage).

Two Legend +50% Glasscannon (HP not necessary at higher floors, unless using any Defiant Set/ Masochism Set/ Blood Magic Mythic combination), or any other Build that needs some HP.

Defense is important. Dead Characters can’t kill monsters.

Critical Chance +50% or better, Critical Damage +150% or better, and Deadly Strike +50% or better. if using Special for most of your Damage, use Brutal Mythic.

if using MH Primary Skill, like Ricochet for example, use Skilled Mythic instead of Brutal Mythic. does more Damage and gives better DPS. (I haven’t used this one yet, but plan on using it on a Rogue with Chakram Build soon).

the Skill doing most of your damage should be Skill 40.

maybe add one or two Legend Skill Proc, either of the same Skill or two different Procs, for more damage/DPS.