Legendary item Bottled Lightning vial

To find this item it says its found in the desert… Can I just pick a floor level that depicts the desert and hunt there without having to worry about map level?

Yes :+1:

Just rinse and repeat that floor until it drops. Try going to legend difficulty floors 106-108

thank you. greatly appreciated. damn thing wont drop for me atm. need for last item to create a CuzegSpiked rogue build. Not to mention crystal farming after that hehe

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Just select that difficulty and those floors - not using a challenge map. Should not take long. Those floors looked like desert maps. Let me know when it drops.

Any vial will do tbh. As long as you have the affixes required for the Rogue Build I made using Discordance Orb with Chakram. for PvP or PvE.

Why? Vial doesn’t have ED% or WD% so no valuable vial legends (unless there’s an affix on them that isn’t appearing on other legends).

Yeah. @CuzegSpiked was thinking I would just hunt for a vial with ED%rather than roll for it as I don’t have too many crystals. Didn’t expect it to be so hard to find. The RNG gods hate me when I want something. I have managed to get 1 so all better now. Love your builds BTW. Always well thought out and they work. Keeps me interested in the game long after I expected it to die. Never been good at understanding the stats and damage calcs to the depth you go so love this forum for the work you and the rest of the build makers do.

Thanks to @Mr_Scooty. Your assistance here was awesome mate. I did get 1 after many a map completed. Built up my cystals and gold which always helps when wanting to make a build

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There’s no such thing as a Vial with ED% or Vial with WD% as they don’t currently exist yet @Gromsch63 .

I double checked the legendex vials, tomes and totems to confirm there are no current vial OH possibilities that have legend ED% or WD%.

Congrats on the drop!!

My bad @CuzegSpiked poor choice of words. I was after legend item bottled lightning which has frostbiting on it.

realise I could’ve used something else but was looking for a vial with frost on it to save on a crystal

I still make mistakes every day! No biggie. :+1: