Legendary items hoarding?

I’m pretty new to the game, enjoying it quite a bit and not really sure what to do with all these legendary items I’ve saved as my bags are pretty full. I’ve been converting duplicates but I fear selling/converting something I may want later.

I found this list of things to look out for and keep:
Aether Wrap
Aether Cap
Boundless Cap
Entropic Jewel
Fabled Blade/Staff (Eternal)
Frozen Fate
Gemmed Crown
Glinting Hammer/Blade/Slicer
Hand of Epiphany
Immortal Flintlock/Wand/Lance
Nadroji Crystal
Nadroji Robe
Nadroji Crown
Stone of Nadroji
Unreal Hood (Eternal)
Vacuus Scipio

But that still leaves tons of legendary items that I have and I just don’t know enough about the game to feel confident to let them go.

But also from what I read from the crafting stuff it sounds like many people don’t even use legendary items and just make whatever they want from epics.

Should I really be converting anything not on that list?

Thanks for your help

See the list of affixes that can’t be rolled with ruby. It’s suggested you keep items with those affixes (such as max 100%wd, barbarian, push the limit, etc.) As well since those can’t be crafted.
Personally, I have 3 character inventories stuffed with saved items, mostly eternal and crystal legends (not to be confused with crystal eternal legends), and a selection of legend items I might use in crafting. So I’ve got 2-4 Plagued, Equality, Masochism, and so on… banked. I sell the remainder of the legend items I find, because converting them would be expensive and would only give me unneeded crystals (not the top 8 crystals, which come from converting eternal and crystal legends). Hope this helps.

Wow that is quite interesting. I’ve been converting legendaries and it’s been killing my gold haha. From what you’re saying I could sell a bunch and clear out a ton of space.

Do you convert eternal and crystal legends?

Is there a list of sets that are better to keep (Plagued, Equality, Masochism?) or does it just matter on what build you’re aiming for?

Thanks again.

That’s my list!

You’ll get the hang of things eventually. Converting is too much work unless it’s an undesirable Crystal or Eternal legend. Even then, you’ll run out of money frequently.

Ha yea that is your list. I’ve been trying to look up things on here without asking a new question but I just couldn’t seem to find anywhere what to do with all these legendaries but it just seems that they just aren’t very good in the grand scheme of things with all the customization and crafting. I’ve got so so gear and will have to just keep grinding to get the crystals to actually be able to make something good.

I just sold almost all of my legendary stash and now have tons of room haha.

Yes, duplicates and ones I find worthless. Unless you’re working on a specific build, I find the most useful crystal affixes are Crit chance and dmg, deadly strike, cool down reduction and Luck and Gold find. Most others I have no use for, so I convert those items because removing those affixes would likely invalidate the usefulness of the item. As for eternals, tbh I have yet to really use them. The prospect of not having a crystal affix on an item most often makes the item inferior to a crafted one imho.

well, you just gotta know that some legends are not worth keeping.

Yup. Not everything is worth keeping as hoarded items, IRL and in-game. There is such thing as hoarding disorder but this doesn’t apply for dq. It does apply in real life though but l shall not go into detail about this.

Items in dq not worth keeping most of the time: Aftermath legends, reactor legends, ascendant legends, equality legends, plagued and druidic legends (in early game,it is good to keep wildhide), generic legends with no sets (most of the time), satyrs spirit legends (except if you get crystal farming affixes but even then, most of them not used because of items with eternalized, crystalline, nadroji and epiphany ), living force legends, ScatterShot legends, overload legends, spellsword legends, battle mage legends, etc etc.

To sum it up, basically, most legends that are “common” are not worth keeping alot of the time. The sets can be got from amethyst;the legend affixes on them aren’t always special so you use ruby to easily get them when you got the crystals; and the epic affixes can also be easy got (except you can’t get extra attack on ring or amulet without living force legends).

Just sell them when inventory gets full
Or convert them;they will quickly apoear again anyways.

Legends that are worth keeping for some time: defiant, mashochists, malestrom, weapons with 100%wd or ed, smoke screen, nadroji legends sometimes, mayhem, berserker, epiphany , eternalized, crystalline, eternal versions of unreal hood/ weapon , seven deadly sins if that’s your thing, etc. Basically anything found above floor 200, difficulty requirements, and with sets/legend affix that otherwise cannot be found on ruby / amethyst.

Most eternals not worth keeping as well as some crystal legends (not all). It is good to convert alot of them though.

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Thanks, this is very helpful.

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