Legendary upgrades, item sets

I was wondering if some legendaries can only be found on lower levels? I have a hat for my rogue. I cant upgrade it and its inly level 18. It says it is maxed out. Can this same hat be found at higher Item level? And also i believe its part of a " ninja" set? Im still learning how to read the items and affixs.

you level up your item you need to be at least level50 to max your item level too 100

yes you can

Ninja is a talent and read codex for more info about the game :smile:

I have read the codex its a little hard to understand. As when you look at the pages i dont think the page is labeled talent is it? It just goes from one abc to next abc subject

codex sort for alphabetical is you reach last page it will jump to other topic :wink:

I just looked it up. Ninja is not a skill its an item set.

ops my bad sorry its a set :sweat: kinda thinking of ninja build got mixed up sorry again

No legends are restricted to below certain floors if you got a pop up telling you you couldn’t apply anymore of a crystal because it was at max already this was probably because you tried to apply an emerald to an item that was already at 25% quality it is peridot that raises level :smile:

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Thanks. Was it because iwas below level50? Or just cause it wasnt right stone. Whatever the case is I was able to upgrade my gear thanks again

Probably the wrong stone normally even if you can’t level gear up with peridot it doesn’t warn you until that gear is level 100 :smile:

no it was a periot. The item is item level 95

Weird must be a new pop up you’ll need to be level 50 to upgrade to level 100 :smile:

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My toon is 55

Uuuuuuh ok then I’ll have to look into that when I have some time and see if any buggy bugs are occuring you should be able to upgrade to level 100 :confused:

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My win streak also dont register wins…

Yeah that hasn’t been a thing in a long time the PvP system used to function very differently it no longer keeps track of win streaks I’ll ask about removing that old UI bit :smile:

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Thanks @Griffin012

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Always super glad to help out! :smile:

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