Legendex Crafting

I’m fairly new to DQ but i have been using the new feature that lets you craft legends out of the legendex. I’ve basically been trying to craft better versions of my current weapon and armor as I level up so that the gear remains appropriate for my level. Is there a specific way to figure out what ilvl the crafted gear will end up as, or a way to increase it? I noticed that if i craft a piece of gear it remains around my level, but i seem to be able to equip things whose ilvl is around 2x my character level (i had a piece of gear from my rogue that i passed on to my wizard that is way higher than what i could craft on the wizard).

Hej @Alkoryn,

i´m new to this game too.
Hopefully you´ll get the help you need from experienced players - but what I understand so far:
You need hero-lvl 50, to equip the maxlevel(ilvl 100) items.

The ilvl can be raised up by peridot(crystal) to lvl 100!

Hope this helps a bit

Item level divided by 2 = Character level possible to equip ( Level 25 character, can equip items level up to 50, level 50 up to max 100).

Item level can be increased by Peridot based on your level and floor level.

And don’t forget to get high rerolls of stats use Emerald to increase the quality of the item!

-im a newbie too, let’s help each other hehe