LegendEx on Excel

If anyone wats the LegendEx on Excel, here it goes…

It’s useful to check witch equipment have the Set or Legend Affix you want and make you build from there, that’s why I did it.


Whoa. Awesome, dude! Perfect timing!

I’m trying to work on this myself, the format’s there but the content is lacking. Due to the nature of my job (or maybe just because I’m noob at my job so I’m taking too long to get things done), I barely have the time to proceed.

Anyway, pardon me for adding one final touch so people can sort this in whatever ways they want to sort it

I’m glad that I helped you somehow :smile:

Sweet changes! I didn’t know how to do it on every column and didn’t bothered to try lol.

Couldnt you also just use the wiki for this?

It’s nice for some other things. People can actually fiddle with real text.

Screen caps can only do so much…

No because I use it to prepare builds and stuff with easy sorting and text search. Plus it is already colour coded and everything!

@OP and ocenyx:
Thanks a BUNCH for this!

Thanks for the post OP. Was easier in searching stuffs :smiley:

Nice one :wink:

Im sorry. Where is it the excel? Can I download it?

LegendEx.xlsx (35.4 KB)

It was lost during the forum transition. Here it is.

Good thing I still had it, such a useful tool would have been lost forever!


Yay! Thanks. :heart_eyes:

The version you have seems to have a couple of items missing from it, such as the warrior unreal hood

It was someone else’s initiative that I only sorted out, unfortunately at the moment no one is updating this file anymore

I used this quite a lot and thought it was about time someone updated it, so here it is; Dungeon Quest Version LegendEx

TeaCup LegendEx.xlsx (47.8 KB)


Great job @TeaCup

Thank you very much from everyone in the forum for updating the legendex.


Just a quick update since the items got uploaded to the games legendex officially.

LegendEx.xlsx (53.6 KB)

I added some other things since the last update too such as attack speed and cool down of every single attack
Even has an outline for writing down and testing builds along with one of my designs for a ‘Cheap’ warrior scalp farm build x