Legends Found Bug

hello guys :smile:

as the title says, my ‘legends found’ won’t increase, it always stuck at 39 and can’t get higher… leaderboard also says the same, namely 39 legendaries found. :frowning: I deinstalled and installed DQ but still the same issue.

Any issues with uploading your save data to the server? Do any other leaderboard standings update for you?

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No, I don’t have any issues with it. The other leaderboards do update for me, but legends found doesn’t for sure.Because it doesn’t update in-game, so legends found leaderboards won’t as long as it doesn’t in-game :frowning: .

…making a note of this on our end to try to reproduce and fix. Can you upload your latest save data to the server so we can look at it? Thanks!

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Sure i can! Do you need my email? Shall I direct message you, Tdaniel?

Edit: I uploaded my latest data. :smile:

Ok please pm me your dq account email address…and thank you!!

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This is the case for me as well - “legends found” hasn’t updated since…I don’t know when, but a long time.

Samsung Galaxy Note
Android 4.1.2

please fix this guys…

i feel your pain merlinus :confused: