Let it doe rogue build

today I’m showing you a simple guide to the frozen permafrost battle mage all beefed up with the nadroji necklace rogue build

This is a link to my video of the build, gameplay I am a newbie so be gentle if you have any criticism
So let’s talk about the build when using frozen items it is best to gather enemies to a singular point and aoe them down till one of them explodes and if they are all low a chain reaction is made and they all explode but they must be frozen if not then the combo does not work properly. To make this easier for me I put ignore resist on my ring
In place of the twister proc because twister seperates enemies and you don’t want that, also ignore resist will help with the pesky enemies that resist your element of choice.
I am using eternal betrayer and elixer for max crit and deadly strike and semi max crit damage.
But yea this build us easy to come by just get the frozen item from snow levels the nadroji necklace came from floor 300+ I think epic or higher.
I would explain more but I am doing everything by cellphone so it’s a little difficult to explain everything just click the YouTube video to learn more.

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