Lets talk about Torrent

“Creates 3 Torrents that deal 300% OH every 0.25 second for 5 seconds” -(I believe the duration has been reduced to 2 seconds now)

Incredibly hard-hitting skill in Battle Arena and one of the most troublesome to get around. How do you guys defend against it?

Having tons of health alone hasn’t worked for me so I’m thinking maybe Increasing my Armor or maybe using a skill that procs when my character gets struck. In BA I’m focusing on keeping my opponent away from me while standing still and shooting, so manually moving my character out of the way of torrents isn’t really practical. :frowning:

What do you guys use?

Also, do any kinds of stuns prevent CV from proc’ing (ie blind, stun, fear, freeze, etc)?

enigma with stealth proc.
or spam your off hand skill (vault)
jump and jump. hahaha

@LARRYBIRD17 stealth proc is useless in pvp with current mechanics since dodge raw value in arena is pretty low. And stealth doubles ur dodge value.

@JesusSaves i just burst them out :smile: i only got 102k hp but i can pretty tank some of torrents.
My defensive stats are from defiant affix and faunsgift affix and cerebral vortex resist bost w/ crystal affix all resist raw value.

Oh bomb may help u alot dodging those.torrents with vault skill.

Note: vanish and stealth proc is useless in arena with the latest patch

they destroyed our current build. >.<

@JesusSaves make your build a bit more tanky. @LARRYBIRD17 was right. Enigma’s should work, but I would agree with @roykiyoy Stealth/Vanish is now a total garbage in the current patch. For Rouge’s, Bombs are good, Warriors Charge, and Wizard’s Teleportation skills would be fine if you wanna avoid those OP torrents in BA.


What if your opponent has Ignore Resist though? Won’t all your resistance stats & bonuses be disregarded during his attacks?

@JesusSaves ignore resist affix does not work against players. If u wna reduce resist weaken can work against players

That’s super helpful to know :frowning:

If Cerebral Vortex wasn’t so overpowered, builds would be much more creative in the arena. Now you can only do so much cause a good 1/3rd of any build’s Affixes go towards defending against it. Hope the devs are listening ={

I personally haven’t dedicated affixes to defend against CV nor added affixes to boost dmg from CV. I only have the CV set on one gear.

IMO to beat CV, don’t stand still, keep moving.

However, CV + stun is devastating since you just get pounded by torrents & cant move, so I do have Stun Resist on my PVP toon. :smile:


I do not use vortex, when you face my toon you do not have to deal with any torrents. :grin:

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