Level 63 floor 103

OK I read around and saw floor 101 is the best to start at. So I’m there. A couple questions
Should I also get level 99 be for keeping gear?
And what are some key gear to look for. I’m a warrior btw


I am rather new myself. Hopefully this will help.

This depends on the gear. Some of the stats will be redundant and you can just convert them to Crystals. Anything that MIGHT look useful I’d save and hold until you get 99. Some gear is good enough to go ahead and use Crystals to increase the level to 100 and the quality to make better, then re-roll the stats accordingly. At 99 I now regret getting rid of some lower level stuff now that I learned you can increase the level and quality.

The name of the game is farming, and I do mean that literally. Eternalized, Najdoji, gold find, luck, items drop, Crystalized, Mythology… those abilities on Items is what I’d look for so you can increase your chances of getting the higher good stuff. Finding the balance is the key. Do a search for the Caps on each so you do it.

Good Luck.

OK thanks I’ll keep a look out for them. And would it be better to just go room to room or read run the same room on harder difficult?

Just to clarify, your level does not affect the level of the items that drop, so on floor 101 you are just as likely to find an awesome piece of gear at level 35 as you are at level 99.

I believe you are best off doing challenge maps, which drop from cartographers or can be bought from the stores, as there is a bonus chest at the end and the guaranteed cartographer helps you make progress on the epic/legend/mythic enemy feats. Personally I go straight for the cartographer then go to the next map, unless it is a legendary quality map.

I’m sitting on a few maps. So the higher quality maps are better then?
Is keeping the red times and breaking them down later or just sell best option since I don’t have the gold to break down (or what ever it’s called) so I put in shared storage and let it sit till I can a ford it.

Figuratively, actually.
Sorry. I had to.

Unless it’s pack size or rare/magic enemy +, right? :wink:

haha thanks skaul… my overall goal was to stress the word “Farming” :smile: .


Personally, I’d take it each level at a time. Then, when you hit 200 and can progress, see how far your gear takes you. If you are like me, and your gear can only take you to level 210ish on Mythic 3, then go back and farm some more in hopes of getting some gear that will help you progress farther. As a warrior, you are going to need to have top notch gear to compete with the big boys once you decide to start the PVP side of the game. So far by following the advice of others, I have found some pretty nice gear that has helped me in both PVP and PVM. Your first focus needs to be on a PVM set with Luck, Items Drop, and Gold. Any vet of this game will tell you that, at least that was the advice given to me: and it has served me well as I now have about 6 green items, 4 or 5 light blue items, and a TON of Red items. Your PVM set should be your top priority.

As far as your maps question, I’d hold onto them if you aren’t ready for them. It isn’t like they disappear. Once you get your PVM set with Luck, Gold, and Items Drop set up doing the red maps will be better. (at least it has been for me) Just my opinion though.


Thanks. I did get my first green armor. Wasn’t sure it was good. But it was just diffent. So I kept.

Yeah keep them and see what plays out. I have about 5 now that are Wizard and Rogue only but I keep them in case I want the skills later or to convert to Crystals. There is no harm in holding on to things. They sit perfectly without age in your bags until you might need them. I sold a few before I knew what was what about this game and regret it now.

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