Level 99 now what

Can’t up load my pic of items was going to show off items
But what now keep grinding and build the best

Yea thats the idea. Make sure u gotta farm build thou. It helps in the long run.

In posses to build that right now.
It’s coming along well. I’m trying to ouch to floor 200 just cuz

IMO. Play the floors that is weak against your toon. If your not playing challenge maps. Faster kills. Act 1 I believe is weak against shock act 2 is poison 3 I think is fire an 4 is ice… I could be wrong. Cuz I play on 186. Or challenge maps… I’m sure there is a 5th one. But I’m DATM.

I can change the elements to suit the floor I’m on. the challenge maps seem not good rewards. Unless I find a red one other than that. Seen useless

Well they are. If you buy the ones that has high % of luck/gold or items. An if you use laminar crystals on.maps to get ginger pack size you have better chance at finding rare gears

OK how do you change the light blue stat? I have one that is attack speed and I want to change it.
And what is the %cap for luck? I can’t get past 75% is that most wepon is level 100 and +17%

use laminar crystal on the map

Luck and Gold Find cap at 650%, Item Drop at 200%, and to change the values of Crystal and Legends affixes, you must use Diamonds. They will reroll all the other affixes, too, however. Other than that, you’ll have to use Kyanite to remove it, and use another Obsidian to replace it.

Crystal affixes cannot be removed by kyanite, it can only be removed by using quartz.

And crystal affixes are on the topmost affix, which means if you want to replace crystal affix, you will remove all other affixes.

Am I right?

Quartz. My bad.
I’m quite positive you can add them whenever. That wouldn’t make too much sense if you couldn’t. (Watch, I’ll be wrong.)

You can add them whenever. However, if you don’t get what you want you are kinda stuck if it is already full (unless you force-crash the game).