Leveling on challenge maps... oops?

EDIT I ascended my main, and then switched my main and hireling. Now when I go to choose a level, I can only go up to 70, when was about when I changed to challenge maps. Unfortunate. (When I’m on my main I can select even those levels I used a challenge map for.

Lesson: Do your first run to 200 without challenge maps.

I’ve just returned to the game after a couple years away (starting with new characters). I’ve been leveling on challenge maps for more xp, mobs, and loot. But I’m reading these forums and seeing something about ascending and perks. I don really understand it, but am I going to have to redo all the levels I’ve done using challenge maps? I’m at about level 150 and been doing challenge maps since about 80.

No you don’t have to redo the challenge maps from floor 80 even though it would help in exp gain and loot. Also ascending means after level 99, you get to choose a great perk but you have to level up again. I would suggest getting to floor 200+ asap no matter what difficulty.

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do a search on Patch 2.1 - Patch Notes. it explains Ascending and Perks. Ascending is getting the Perks. Perks (6 of them total) improve your ability to Ascend in some ways, and help with Farming a lot in many ways. you don’t need Perks to play DQ, but it is fun getting them, and they do improve your Farming for loot.


*Never mind this. I figured it out.

I am already level 99, but it sounds like you are saying to keep going to 200 before I start an ascension - is that right?

You ascend at 99 buy buying ascension pack from vendor

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you don’t really have to go to floor 200 before choosing your Perk, but there are some good reasons to do so. at floor 200, you can’t get the 2 lowest crystals/myth stones, but some of the higher CS/MS are easier to get. also, some more Legends become available through looting. also, if you are Ascending, if you can get to floor 200, since you only need to farm for experience around floor 100-110, you know you can farm fast, as the monsters are easier at floors 100-110 compared to floor 200. also, if you really want to get some better loot while Ascending by climbing past floor 200, you can start by getting challenge maps to climb floors 201+, as all floors past 200 need to be challenge maps.

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Cuzeg - please note my edit to my original post. You seem to answer a lot of posts in this forum, so I thought you might want to know.

I find legend floors are best for levelling up. You may get more experience on mythic floors but the monsters take longer to kill. There’s no point in spending 10 minutes on a mythic map when you can speed run legend maps and get more experience quickly

Yeah. Fair enough. Good luck!

Also its cool that I can see peoples edited posts so nobody can truly hide when they post , edit or delete their post.