Liberator perk

How about an ascension perk cutting enslaver feat to 75, like carto feat. Exceptionally hard to catch em all :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Just got my first eternal pet tonight after several months of trying. Void slime!

accomplished :smiley:

i feel like they should to because im only at 53 enslaves… so hard to find

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Thanks @Eater :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I have all the perks on a couple characters but accomplished only lowered my ascended character’s feat to 150😳 just checked forums & peeps say it’s 150 after accomplished.

If it is 150, I was hoping Devs might lower it to 75. Maybe instead of a new ascension perk category they could make it a bonus. So only after a character achieves all 6 perks, a bonus “Liberator” perk is added to store for purchase (50,000,000 gold?). Would be a great reward for loyal DQ fans. Seems like Devs put a premium on pets, and rightly so, but maybe loosen the slots a little, please :grin: :+1:

lots of ppl wish it to, to lower more the enslaver feats :smiley:

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My guess is it has to do with economics. I wouldn’t be surprised if monster spawn is one of the best selling $.99 IAPs. Without monster spawn boost, I find an enslaver once every 4-5 runs. It takes me about 30 seconds to find the pool shrine where he normally hangs. So it takes me approx 6 straight hours to complete the feat. I have like 5 Banes. I think I’ve been playing for 6 months & still haven’t collected em all. I’ve only found like 4 slimes LOL. Been using 700% eternalized which seems to help. Methinks drop rate is set to slow drip. :flushed:

I only have 4legend 1slime 1fairy 2hound I can only play like 1-2hrs per day hard for me to complete the feats haha

@Eater hey that’s pretty good for only 1-2 hours a day!

and only manage to found 5-8 enslaver per gameplay haha lol