Limited Eternal Legends?

I think Eternal legend equipments has limit, I already have 30 on my Main and 25 on hireling. and i dont see any eternal legends anymore since i reach 30 eternal legends. Is this has a limit ?

They do not have a limit :smile:

this is not your lucky day to got an eternal

Ahh… i was farming eternal legends but the time it reached 30, i think i dont see one anymore

Well you have farmed for quite a long time but I can assure you, you definitely can get more than 30 in one day. It just takes a bit of time for one day and a bit of luck from RNG. But I got 40 eternals in one day a few times.

I never run out of eternal drop I spam packsize map :grin:

Me too.

Me a total of 60 (30 on Main toon and also on hireling.)

Oh lol. 40 for me on hirling+main . Awesome though :smile: .

Whats hirling and main? Ty

Main is the first character you use. That means the one YOU control. The hirling is the second character who moves and attacks on its own. It’s basically an AI character.

Making a great use of both of them is very good. For farming, making use of both of them is efficient in terms of getting maximum farm affixes cap as well as bonus 100% item drops and more DMG in general. Using Epiphany set (5) on both characters along with Luck and Item Drops on both characters with Gold find on Main and the Fortune 20 combined. In farming, you can also make an active hirling attacking farmer whilst you cruise around lazily collecting loot as fast as possible.

Then there’s a build like the one I’ve made which makes use of Main and Hirling to deal DMG on high floors. For example, my Seasonal Maidens’ rogue uses Ice to freeze enemies but it has Arcanist on gear. This Arcanist gets activated by the warrior hirling wrath talent+ascendant so the Arcanist+ ascendant works that way and is still efficient as to save 1 set slot on the Main character that you control.

Also I use my hirling to apply stack Debuff along with ascendant to add 50% more DMG to my main character which is huge for high floor climbing. Even better , 100% more DMG if you use a shock build with hirling also using shock. Anything with Debuff are great with hirling usage whether it’s shock Debuff hirling or Ascendant hirling to apply Debuff for Arcanist and to synergise with Weaken 90% .