Line Group -- Dungeon Quest(ions)!

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Hi, just to see how this goes I’ve created a group on Line Messenger, Dungeon Quest(ions), for people to come and ask questions and maybe get some faster responses. It may also help to keep the forums a bit cleaner with less of the simple questions being posted over and over. I’ll be hanging out there since I’m always on Line for testing anyway.

Download Line Messenger:
Their Website with links:
Android: Google Play
iOS: iTunes

You should be able to use the following link to join automatically if you are logged into Line.

My Line ID: dq_rubik

Can ya give me a link to registration? I cannot for the life of me find where to start an account.

Once you download the app and open it, the first screen should have the options to either log in or sign up for an account. Are you on mobile or a pc?

Downloaded, only have option to login. On an iPad.

Lol, Google says account can’t be created on an iPad, can only log in with an existing account. So I’m not sure what to tell you.

Guess I’ll stop being lazy and walk over to the laptop, haha.

You will need to DL iPhone version. Stupid, I know…

Great idea Rubik, and in theory should work very well.

Not to be negative, but if people can’t be bothered to use the search option, will they be bothered to download, register, log in and type a question ?

Or on the other hand, it might be a magnet for crazies :wink: several bunny fufu’s asking stuff like " how do I equip an item " or " can you make my imp shoot lasers out of its ass "
The latter could be quite enternaining :wink: and for that reason alone, I’m in :mrgreen:

1+ Rubik.

JesteR [emoji23] [emoji122]


@JesteR to address your second thought, I was totally ready for crazy and/or unintelligible stuff. However, and in regards to you your first thought… nobody has joined yet. :smiley:

Well, I was gunna try out this line thing, but they make it so stupid to register. I’d rather register an irc channel -_- too bad probably 1 out of 100 people know what irc is.

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or Internet Relay Chat. But that’s not as much fun! :smiley:

Lol, those were the days, mIRC clients on 56k dial up modems, parents yelling because they could not use the telephone ( they refused to get a second phone line as they were technophobes and did not understand ), me yelling because they tried to use the phone and it dropped my connection, ascii pictures and exchanging mp3 files. It all had a shrouded feeling of secrecy about it, everybody knew " a friend of a friend " who had been caught by their national government agency for piracy and distribution of music, had their equipment confiscated, fined thousands of pounds/dollars and even imprisoned, everyone had a horror story to tell. I remember so many times while downloading music, there was a knock at the door and me getting the feel of dread thinking " oh sh!t they found me " :mrgreen:

Can I have ops?

Can’t find the group. Can you find me through the app?

Is the link in post 1 broken?

Is the link in post 1 broken?[/quote]

Says couldn’t find app to open.

Try installing line first? I dunno. I forgot how i got it to work

Well if you post your Line ID, I can try to do it manually. I’m not extremely well versed in Line though, so it might take me a bit to figure out. :smile:

I’ll totally setup an irc channel if people think that would be easier. A big plus for that is it can be embedded into a webpage ( say DQ forum home) so people could visit DQ site and post in irc channel. Of course Steiger would have to agree with that.