List of crystal, legend, and epic affixes

Hi all, I’m new to the game and the forums. I tried looking but couldn’t find what I was looking for so imma ask here instead.

Does anyone know of a list for what affixes are provided by the crystals for each item and class?

The reason I’m asking is because I want to make a table to plan better which items and affixes I’ll be aiming for when I make a build.

Welcome to the forums Good Kid @gudkid!

The crystal you want to use will give you the description when you click it.

As far as crafting restrictions are concernced:

I hope this answers your querry.


Thank you very much. This definitely helps.

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if you look in the Dungeon Quest Wiki, it lists all the affixes by Tier (Normal, Epic, Legend, Set, Crystal, Bonus), and if you can roll them with Crystals or only find them on Items from loot. the Wiki is a little out of date, but is mostly ok, and posts like the Crystal Crafting Restrictions are a big help.

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