List Of Legit Group In DQ?


Can anyone tell me?


there’s none :laughing:


DQ forums itself is a group we are a community dude!


What i mean is group like gob,lair etc…


How about this group that I created. legit we are. Like forum.


@CuzegSpiked are this group of yours are in leaderboard of Arena (pvp) & Legend Found?


join us on dq discord group






With group you mean something like a guild!! Right??


Yeah group like gob, lair, au, etc


Well I did call it DQuesting as a type of Guild name.


Well not many but anybody can choose to. Alastra, me, Pangahaz when he used to be around and a few others. Then some PVE players like Obi Wan Kenobi who is quite good at farming as well as some other good PvE players. Then we just help each other out in anything.


spiked’s right!


wow 7 likes so quickly! Thanks for the amazing support :slight_smile:


There is a group page of which only dq legit players are allowed though sometimes being penetrated by cheater and modded players.,but once detected will surely be blocked.i personally invite you to join pinoy dungeon quest and elite dungeon the home of ALLSTARS and FAMILIA ELITE group(ARENA and LF leader boards rankers)but we are not allowing dummy facebook account and may ask for some dq apps details for initial screening.,there you can interact,share your achievements and opinions.filipinos and foriegn alike are vry much welcome as long as legit players.


Sadly to say that FAMILIA ELITE and AS members aren’t active anymore.,.,looking forward to see each other again. Look for S53 or ask chillyflames he knows where to find us.


Owkay. thanks.:grin:


We all moved to S53. A game where the legits won’t be banned. The devs and support are very helpful. If something goes wrong w/ your account, they will compensate you with in game currency. Unlike some game that I played, if something goes wrong… PARANG UTANG NA LOOB MO PA NA INAYOS NILA ACCOUNT MO.


What’s the prob pre?? And what’s S53? pm moko anung laro yon. hahaha.:joy: BTW. I’m on other league too. for not cleared reason.:sweat_smile: