List of non OH block items?

list of non OH block items?

@Slifner was just doing a Search :mag: and couldn’t find a list in the first 10 posts, so will just say to look in the Warrior LegendEx and make a list, and maybe post it here for others to see.

as a rule of thumb, Block can be rolled on OH with Angelite (random yellow or orange affix), Sapphire (changes yellow or orange affix to another yellow or orange affix), Larimar (randomly changes all yellow & orange affixes on an item to another yellow or orange affix), Topaz (choice of 6 random orange affixes), or Obsidian (random choice of 3-6 Crystal affixes). most Items with Block are Warrior OH Weapons. also, Larimar & Saphire won’t change an affix to Block on a non OH Item.

there are a few Warrior MH Weapons with Block, and I think one or two items each of Warrior Chest, Head, & Ring items with Block. there are no Neck Items or Pets Items with Block. these few Items with Block on them can be found with Crystal Block also. a Farm Build with high Luck & Crystalline Set can greatly improve your chances of finding these Items with Crystal Block instead of Epic. a Crystalline Farm Build is also good when using Dust to buy Items from the LegendEx with Crystal affixes.