List of rerolled affixes?

Based on the image above, is that teal color affix be rerolled to another affix in the same pool?

Also is there a thread regarding affixes that can and can’t be rerolled?


I have heard some rumors about Obsidian updated to be able to change the current Crystal(teal) affix into another one, but it doesnt seem to be able to do that as I have tried it this very moment.


You cant rerolled cyan affix(get from obsidian) to another affix but you can reroll the stats of that affix


Legend, Crystal, Mythic, Seven Deadly Sin Negative Affixes, Set, and Set Bonus affixes can’t be rerolled.

Obsidian only changes a Crystal affixes Value, even though when used to do that, it shows a choice of affixes to choose from. I was really worried about that, as I didn’t want to lose the Crystal affix I had, just improve the value. In the Patch notes, it says Obsidian can now change Crystal affix values.

I only remember obsidian rerolling the same affix to a more perfect value after having applied the Obsidian for an affix before. 200% crit DMG could be rerolled to 225% by spending another obsidian.
Do note, you need a free affix slot to do this. If all affixes are filled, it prevents you from using :obsidian: .

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