List of Set affixes by classes


Yo, where can i find a list of all set affixes sorted by classes ?


There is no exactly what you ask for. Using Amethyst on gear can show some Set Affix from another Hero that can be available from another one.

But there are Set Affix that cant be rolled on Amethyst

Cerebral Vortex
Seven Deadly Sins


but some are not updated


Thanks with the link but dungeonquest wikia only show the list of set affixes.

Me, e.g. i want to know if reactor is obtainable via amethyst, or if demonic is available for wizard ?

and much more, that’s why i’m looking for this kind of list.


You can get all the set affixes by jaspering items

For example wizzards epipeny can be jaspered to warrior or rouge.


Reactor is available thru amethyst.

You can roll demonic on wiz.
Angelic also.


Cerebral vortex, summoner, spirit master, arcanist, epiphany, crushing flames on wiz

Smokescreen, deadly arts, ninja, periphery, electrocution, demonic on rogue

Rage, momentum, berserker, elements, fauns gifts, angelic,ballista, on warrior

That’s all that i can recall from class exclusive sets, but i may be wrong tho


This is an old post but still about 90% complete


any class can obtain new set affix


Yes… but i am using the legendex as reference.


Agreed though


just search crystal restriction on the forum.
it is very helpful. i hope the one who reads the topic (whom i think newbie like me) can read also read my comment.