Living force and bullets, does it work?

I have been trying to observe if bullets are pulled back with living force but i cannot seem to see them come back. I have living force on my mirror. Do i need living force on my gun to make it work? Is that the reason? Anyway i’m not sure if its working and in terms of animation on screen it would appear as if it isn’t.

no, its not work with bullet.

primary: Boomerang
Special: whirlingblades

primary: Pierce
Special: Orb
Primary: Barrage
Primary: Comet

Primary: Toss
Special: Scalp
Special: Throwsword

Mythic skill
Cosmic Orbs

Above is the list of what work with living force.


Thanks heaps Cronos. Man i really wish i haddn’t chosen that now.

Bullet = recochet

Will Ballista Set work with Chakram ?

Any thrown objects will work with ballista. :blush:

Thank u 4 reply, will replace Pathfinder with Ballista n see how that work :smile:

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Thank you SIR!

Cronos is the man :blush: .

I know that boomerang and whirlingblades goes back to user. If I use living force will it just extend the time of my boomerang before it goes back?

Living force combined with boomerang talent ftw! Living force is good with it. I don’t think it really affects time too much.