Living Force and Orb Proc

Will of the Force and Mind Trick are both Living Force Legend items with the Orb Proc. but in the 3.0 Patch, Living Force set doesn’t affect Orb Skill/Proc anymore. Living Force is also on Vibroedge, so I was wondering if the Orb Proc could be replaced with Toss Proc on all Living Force Legend items. I mean as part of the base item, not by crafting. it would save resources for beginners, not to mention having a proc that is affected by the set, which is the original idea behind putting Orb on in the first place. or any other proc that would be similar to Orb for balance reasons.

Think about this if you also put reactor on the orbs and if they hit twice the duration than they should wouldnt that be op ?

Actually that’s the reason why they nerfed it.
@CuzegSpiked seasonal maiden was a big impact that changed the world of DQ before patch 3.0. His build reached top 1 with no sweat. You can constantly spam orbs while gaining distance away from your opponent. Much better than storm+vial. Before you reached the caster you are pretty much dead. Plus he is using vault with no cd.

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@mylifeisfunny I know that Orb isn’t affected by Living Force, but the Orb Proc is still on the Living Force Legend items. my suggestion was to replace it with a Proc that IS affected by Living Force, like putting Toss Proc instead. since Hatchet for Warrior has Living Force, I thought it would make sense to replace Orb with Toss.
@slimycucumber I didn’t know the reasons for the nerfing of Orb for Living Force, so thanks for the info. @CuzegSpiked is one of those players who is always trying something new and making some amazing build.

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