Living force + Chakram?

Bestmatch or no?

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By “no” do you mean:
-it doesnt work?
-it works but not the best?

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It doesnt work

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Thanks for reply

It “technically” works since chakram is a projectile. There’s another effect that does it too, a Talent.

Its name is Blindside . A rogue talent for ring. You can already get +200% DMG on return per chakram with it at 20. Living force is +100% so your damage is x3x2. At 40, Blindside can do 400% on return per chakram. It then becomes x5x2.

Chakrams brutal :smiley: . Have APS maxed, no delays. + Periphery , hero points, mutilate, multi+extra attack, relentless, razored or deadeye talents. Hunger set above cap of attack speed, celerity, angelic, Draught mythic. That’s just a small list of what it can do. Even specialist or double strike 25% (double strike remind me of specialist but not just for skills, all damage), mirrorcast as well.
Then there’s even discordance which I’ve used with it. I prefer it without though.


Sauce please xD