Living force pierced bug

while experimenting with living force with my wizard, I noticed that when using the pierced skill on the sword, the attack came back, but did no damage on the return. comet and barrage worked well when tested. I had both living force items on during testing. had an arcanist item on chest, ascendant item on head, and non legend sword/orb in the MH/OH spots.

Thats not a bug. There’s still dmg coming the skill you know.

well, when the pierce attack goes out, it does damage, but when the attack comes back, it isn’t doing any damage. with comet and barrage, the attack was causing damage going out and coming back. if the pierce magic is being pulled back by Living Force, then it should do damage, if it hits the target on the way back. when I noticed that there was no damage on the return of the attack, I kept a lookout for the monsters hit by the return attack, and none of them were damaged by the return of the pierce attack. I posted in case there were others affected by this ‘possible’ bug, but if I’m the only one experiencing this, it isn’t too big of a deal, as my wizards don’t usually use swords. but even then, what if this is an indication of something that affects another part of the game? better safe than sorry.

umm, in the interests of fairness, I will do a little more playing with my wizard and see if this problem persists, and give an update afterwards. thanks for your patience.

ok, I retested and I don’t think there is a bug. originally, the sword I used was from the shop, and cold element. this time, I got a sword from a monster who didn’t need it as much as I did. I changed the element to arcane, as I think my arcanist set might have had something to do with all this. the bottom line is that the swords piercing attack does damage going and coming back, so thank you for bearing with me. and no, I did not do a test to see if there was a difference in performance between arcane and other elements at this time.

I noticed this before as well, it seemingly does no damage on return or very little but sometimes it can deal quite a bit of damage on return.

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