Local coop mode?

how about a local coop mode (just within the same network the other person is connected) where the players raid maps 3-4 times the size of the regular ones (that way 2 players wont clear it in less than a min)

and somewhere around that map is an entrance to the boss fights (the old unused(what a waste i dont see them anymore since i started mapping, especially since these bosses have actual attack patterns), and new ones)

(no trade, will cause problems)

or make your friend a hireling, and that person gets rewarded with loot whenever you finish a map

  • hireling “friend” scaled down to same lvl as main
  • hireling “friend” can only be hired by one person (else everyone will be sharing the same most meta built hireling)

Plus some good loot too after defeating the boss

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maybe even have its own loot table, the game already has a lot of loot, having a different content with a different loot table can help reduce the bloat of RNG

DQ idea



To the devs, atleast let us do something like this while we wait for DQ2. Pretty please? :smiley:

dq 2? so they are abandoning this game?

what a waste, this game is too similar to PoE in terms of build creativity and even with the crafting. all they have to do is add more diverse content and even get a PoE streamer

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I can’t really see DQ being abandoned any time soon, it is such a good single player game. eventually Virtual Reality Game Systems will come (think about Matrix or Ready Player One) someday, maybe, hopefully, probably.

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