LoH vs Life on Hit:)

Hey boys and/or girls.

I’m trying to build and exp grind build like the one @Griffin has made:

I had 250 life on hit affix and switched it out for the 2% life on hit(Boon) mythstone as the only affix to supplement my hp in the build other than health orbs.
Now - it seems like my general survivability has gone down. So I’m thinking that the way the blight damage works works better with the fixed amount of 250hp than the % based, despite of high damage numbers.

Anyone else know how it works, if one is better than the other for a “blight/poison/toxic crit build”, or if a mix of both is recommended?

All the best

@Wack 250hp on hit is better cuz 2% hp on hit myth (2%based on hp stat u added on stat. It does not calculate ur overall hp from added bonus from raw 10000hp and hp%boost from set affixes and affixes)

So let say u got 200hp on stat.
Ex. 1hp stat = 50 add hp
200x50= 10000hp then u get 2% of that
10000x.02= 200 hp on hit

Lets say u go full power no hp stat added
1x50= 50
50x.02 = 1hp on hit

So if u dont spend a lot on hp stat and go power build 2%hp on hit myth gived u very low healing rate compare to raw value hp on hit 250

Thank you so much. That actually makes a lot of sense, as these are my HP-stats:

As I understand you, the “hp stat” you mention is the 215 on my screen shot?

@Wack yup

Thank you:)

Base HP should count LV’s too. So it is 50*(lvl+Health stat).

quote=“Clogon, post:6, topic:12842, full:true”]
Base HP should count LV’s too. So it is 50*(lvl+Health stat).

I’m having SUCH a hard time wrapping my head around that calculation. My lvl is 91, and my health stat is the number 215.
So - if I am to put it into an equation to figure out what kind of return I get it is something along the lines of:
(91+215) x 0.2 = my LoH at 2%?

Yes that is correct. However, I said “should” as it might be bugged. :frowning:

I’ll have to test it out in PVP when I get the chance.

I’m just wondering, if no other numbers than the ones mentioned matters, how the % based life steal will ever be valuable compared to the fixed version?
At least based on the illustrated equation, under the best possible circumstances the the math would be:
(lvl 99+299 pts) x 0,2 = 158,8 LoH
Vs 250 LoH, with the ability to put 299 in power instead. Just makes me wonder if the % hp/mp mythstones are worth anything but the Mythical recipes, they’re a part of?

50 HP * (lv99 + 299 Health) * 0.02 = 398 HP/Hit.

I don’t know where your 0.2 is from…

So confused:P

But you have to multiply (lvl + whatever points you have in HP) x 50 x 0.02 then // that is the equation I’m looking for I guess?:slight_smile:

I don’t know were you got the 0.2 from. XD I thought you were taking 2% (0.02) of the base HP. Lol

That would have made sense eh? :stuck_out_tongue: