Lol @ round stats


More people figuring out the ‘Immortal’ Build’ now? Although the immortal build idea has been around since the beginning of arena but now more known today. Man just wow that you face a almost immortal or hard to defeat guy with low HP.

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LOL you’re telling me. This is my struggle at the moment. :joy: I’m thinking of just chucking battle mage, scoundrel and ninja with epiphany and its bonus. Take momentum along for the ride too for the sake of MS. Focused crit DMG and deadly strike.

This should give me a fighting chance against these dudes?? :neutral_face:

Use my orb builds.

Hi CuzegSpiked, do you have FB ? I would like to ask you some advice for my Rogue, do not you mind?

Deleted it since I hate FB. You can pm me here in forums.