Look at my new precious items ๐Ÿ˜ˆ


I have 6 legendnadroji. Had an eternal one which I have misplaced :astonished:


well, I think using Golems Ultimate Chimera Farm Build would freak a lot of people out. :laughing: I think I will wait until I have a proper PVP build in mind before I use a PVP Chimera build. build up a little experience fighting in the Arena with something a little better than farm gears.
I have (x dust)/(dust cost of Nadroji) = (my total collection of Nadrojiโ€™s). :smiling_imp:
of course, my collection of Eternal Nadrojiโ€™s is smaller than the Legendary ones. :smiling_imp: x 10.


I want to see your chimera



Found this Todayโ€ฆ

nice loot thoughโ€ฆ :slight_smile:

combined with my DIVINATION NECKLACEโ€ฆ :sunglasses:


I like eternal jewelry more than mh and oh weapons because you loose good mythic choices for weapons. Very nice necklace :slight_smile::slight_smile:


@dickwad but you might sacrifice your Sanctuary Necklace for that Divination neclace on PVP.


I donโ€™t use sanctuary in PvP because i find it useless


But Iโ€™m considering using sanctuary. Any ideas wether I should or not ?


if that one moment of survival gives you an opportunity to defeat the enemy in PVP, then use it. the thing is, there are builds that do damage fast enough that right after Sanctuary activates, you end up dead anyways. a build that relies on spike damage might give you enough time to kill them, and you might see Sanctuary activate 2 or even 3 times.


@dickwad look for Masochism Necklace. it has STR and PTL. try to make a perfect roll 10 Strength and 50 Push the Limit and Make it Sanctuary. add Crystal Affix. and youโ€™re good. :sunglasses: hereโ€™s mine.

and lol my offline rewards.


@kiane_zaine Iโ€™m experimenting with a crazy idea . Take an immortal build and do something really stupid. Use masochism, sadism, permafrost, blood magic, equality , anscendent and equality.