Look at my new precious items 😈

The eternal fabled I found at the vendors, crafted and then jaspered


be careful, you brain will explode if you get too many awesome ideas for builds with these items. :boom:


Wait so you can add affixes to eternal Fabled items?

only epic affixes / topaz

Woah. This is news to me


Yes @Vextry and also to the eternal UNREAL HOOD :wink:

I think you have to make a Mythic affix first, then you have 3 spaces left for Epic affixes. otherwise, you are putting 4 myth stones in there. I take it myth stones don’t get their values doubled on Eternal items?

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no… they simply create the mythic affix and delete their used sockets in the process. additionally… just placing a ms in eternal socket does NOT increase ms value.

lol, good to know about the MS. would hate to find out the hard way, but that is one of the Laws of Crafting. making mistakes crafting is second best, learning to craft using others mistakes is the best.

Having said that once I dropped an eternal fabled it only costs 350 dust to get another. So I do lazy farming on legend say 20 to 30 floors with eternalized and crystalline legend items and bingo. You have converted enough items to get another. Check your codex to see how much dust you need. I get eternal fabled on a daily basis :scream:

right now I am working my way up to floor 500 on very easy, then find out which difficulty level I can farm with out too much hassle, for CS/MS. need a bunch of both before I start crafting Golems Ultimate Farming Build. I have found all the gears I need for the build, so just need dust for the items, but the CS/MS are almost gone from previous crafting attempts. I am going to make a Hybrid Chimera Farming build. the hat will be switched out depending on what I want to farm, Eternal, Crystal, or Mythical loot.
this way, I can keep my Pathfinder Pet, instead of waiting to rescue Sera.

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Chimera works for me. You won’t regret it. Guess what the vendor has given me now… eternal mayhem armour and eternal frostbite regalia :slight_smile:

Top tip. Keep your weapon switches in a dedicated stash and in a logical order so when a monster is refusing to die you can simply switch for a different approach. Eventually the right combos work :slight_smile:

well, that post above us was for my hopeful farming build. I was looking at the items with the Farming Sets on them, and 2 of them share the head/MH items, which messes up my farming build plan, so I thought of doing the switching out the head item. that way only 3 slots taken up by Nadroji (2) and Nadroji bonus, the head has one of the 3 farming sets, and 3 items + pet have some other set for helping to damage. was thinking of using Ascendent (2), Arcanist (1), Pathfinder (1). yes, yes, yes, I will be using +4 set, just showing what sets I hope to use on farming build.
BTW, your Chimera build kind of gave me the idea for a Slime Tamer build. right now I have 4 slimes with different elements, eventually I want the 5 Element Set Slimes. no monster is going to mess with the Slime Tamer! but I can’t start on it until I get my farming build built. :confused:

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I’m crafting pets with talent affixes. Early days as yet

im going to ditch the mayhem ring and have the eternal mayhem armour as the centre point of my chimera. It has 20 necrotic, same supercharged legend procs as ring and a socket for elixir and all talents. Im goint to have to get at least one eternal nadroji per character too. The rest of the items I will just craft from legends and eternal fabled and unreal etc. I want maelstrom as a proc on at least one item. My armour is going to to go to my apocalypse wizard and im going to re create it from codex for all my characters. Mayhem is going to be my chimera center I think. Let me see your results when you’ve built your builds :slight_smile:

I came across this items before and just convert them for crystals. HAHA​:grin::grin:

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I have a ways to go, still working my way to 500. found an Eternal Nadroji Ring the other day. wish I could send it over. :wink:

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I have 6 :laughing:

Stick with Chimera and you will be on mythic 3 very very soon