Looking for a "Warrior" Tank/Damage PvE Build

If it’s possible for anyone to link me to a build close to my title, or help me create one. I have a level 32 warrior and I’m not happy with his damage and I’m always out of MP. I don’t mind deleting him and making a new one for a build such as the title above. I want nothing to do with PVP with this character mainly for breezing through floors and finding crazy loot.

Here’s a good one:

Tanks don’t work due to higher floor difficulties, but this is the closest you’ll find.

You can find a link to the Build Compendium in my guide that I know you’ve seen. :wink:

Good luck and may your journeys conclude with plentiful virgins (or something to that effect).

Really appreciate it man, I’ll look into it. Yes I saw your post it seems really helpful and popular I’m still trying to understand all the DQ talk but I’m learning as I progress.

@Skaul seriously virgins?haha pervert

I think he means we grind way too much enough to get with a girl.