Looking for advice to optimize my build : )

Hello everyone! I have reached a point where I need other advice for improvement, help on decisions and advice to bring this built to the next level. ALL advice from this forum have always been a gold mine so far and thanks so much to this community :smile:

1 - I think that my next big upgrade is to add another +2 all set. Which affix would you remove to place it?
2 - Should I go with +dmg or +%dmg POISON on the offhand instead of the +dmg and +%dmg to WPN?
3 - Having to maintain +5 METEOR many time to reach the +40 METEOR MAX is costly in term of affix. Is it really worthy? (I think it is the base of the AfterMath built…)
4 - Is the Explosive affix THAT much of help?
5 - Should I go all out in POISON DMG and remove TOXIC / BLIGHT or the other way around? Or keeping a good balance is better?
6 - Any other recommendations / Next steps?

Thanks guys, much < 3 for to this community and this great game.

  1. I would personally remove 1000 hp regen. You can also change the crystal regen for legendary affix regeneration that gives 1k more regen than Crystal affix. Obtained only via legend drop (equality ring and amulet). +2 sets is a priority anyway.
  2. If you had more poison dmg on gear i think poison 100% damage is better. Or you can find an item with 100% weapon damage (meteor is offhand skill? Don’t play much with wizard)
  3. If you can proc toxic often (many clouds) i would change the meteor affix to raw poison dmg.
  4. Toxic will do the work instead of explosive.
  5. Both imo.
  6. Add Crystal crit chance and dmg. Then you could for example go adventurer + momentum sets for faster movement and dmg or crystal dodge + pathfinder set for nice damage reduction and dps buff.

Don’t take all i wrote as a must, that’s only suggestions, that i hope will help you decide :slight_smile:

  1. I agree that Atilas need critical hit chance and critical hit damage. +100% weapon or 100% poison can help on increasing damage. You have not maximize Weapon damage on Event Horizon (use Fluorite) and increase the quality of item with Emerald
    Set affix Cerebral Vortex and Aethereal Drain can help on increasing Elemental critical chance and increase mp
    Do you play with hireling? My wizard hireling has 6M damage on summon and his minion can kill very fast on floor 400 to floor 600

Thanks guys for your answers.

@Msiiek: 1 - I dont have 1000 hp regen. If you mean the +2800 HP regen on hat, it is to benefits from the Druidic DMG that “Adds 150% per rank Total Regen to Poison DoT DMG”. If you mean the +HP on Offhand, I guess this might indeed be replaced by something that will add more DMG.

@prosper: Yes, this is a character that I use for hireling.

Regarding my question #2, I made some tests and my meteor are at 1.09M / 883.9K with +50% dmg wpn and are at 1.23M / 995.3k with +20% poison therefore, I should definitely get a +100% poison DMG offhand. I found a skull with inferno that has this affix, I guess I could re-craft the same affix on it and change the secondary skill back to shatter which I find useful with a Aftermath build.

when you mention to get the maximum WPN dmg with Fluorite, how do I know that I have reach the maximum with crystal application?

Many thanks,

Max epic weapon damage is 50% and legend weapon damage is 100%. Also you have 1000 hp regen on ring on screenshot (epic affix) :stuck_out_tongue:
I know the regen is for druidic so I wrote you can change the crystal affixes for red affix regeneration becouse Crystal affix gives 3000 regen hp/mp and legend affix regeneration gives 2000 regen for both hp and no do it’s actually 4000 regen that means you get a 1000 more and you can have different Crystal affix :slight_smile:
Keep in mind you can’t roll regeneration on your items, you need to get out through drop (equality set jewellery). Also maybe energy mythic to boost damage?

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