Looking for an easy build for a noob

Hey guys, i’m actually looking for an easy build on all class. I’m actually doing a Duct tape build from i dont remember his name. And my top floor is 270. I would like to know if there is some other easy build on other classe like this one. Thanks for reply.

About the Duct Tape, i’m actually dying a lot of time and used all my money to revive. I feel bad actually.

Try this

It’s still in early stages and im experimenting in hiw to improve it

if I remember, the Duct Tape Build doesn’t have much defense, so if you aren’t careful, you die a lot. it is basically a training build that helps you learn the game fast on floors up to 200ish, and maybe a little farther. and you can use it on the lower floors to get the stuff you need to make better builds later, or to improve the DTB until you make a new build entirely.


Thanks Krisser, is it possible for you to put the good mythstone to make this build ? Thanks to you.

Actually i’m at floor 270, ans dying a lot of time spending my money on revive. I would like to make better build but i dont know better build and dont know if my floor is enough to farm another build

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just go to lower floors so you don’t die so much, and high enough that you feel like you are getting good stuff. when I was Ascending for Perks, I just farmed for experience on floor 110 M3 95% of the time. by the time I got the last Perk, I had a lot of loot to work with to make my next build.

I haven’t really Crafted a Farm Build I really like, so every so often I make a new one. my better ones do well on M3 Floor 500ish, and my current one is mostly an Epic Affix Farm Build for Very Easy floor 200ish.

an Easy Farm Build by definition will only do well on lower floors of any difficulty level that they are able to handle. and they are only used to make A Better Farm Build, which is used to make A Great Farm Build. A Great Farm Build only needs to do well on floor 500ish of the difficulty level of your choice. Farm Builds for floors over 500 are just to see how well you can Craft a Farm Build or get items that can only be found on floors up to 1000 on M3.

eventually you get to a point that Armor, Resist, Damage Resistance, HP, & MP for Manashield users, become less reliable and you need to switch to Dodge, Block, Sanctuary, or some combination of the 3 that keeps you from dying all the time. or make a Build that can kill monsters before they have a chance to attack you.


Yes i see, actually i dont have a farm build but i would like to have one. I dont know if you know one that is easy to build because it could help me a lot for making build. Finding legendaries is hard for me and i dont have all the mythstone.

Ow and for the DTB it was hard for me to fond the Fortune Mythstone. Damn that was hard

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I know what you mean. when I was a Noob, I converted lower Myth Stones to higher ones to get the ones I needed for Builds and Mythic Affixes. I went through so much Gold.

when I finally decided to get serious with DQ, I made my Ascending Build to get Perks. but it was more like a Farm Build to start out with. 2 Items with Fortune Affixes, 2 Items with Dexterity Affix, Adventurer Cap for the Experience Affix, and some other Legend Item. I had been playing for awhile, so I had some Dust to use to get the items I wanted. after that it was just leveling up, reading the Forums, learning the game, and upgrading the items when I was able to.

if you want, just make items with only Epic affixes with enough Gold Find & Luck for loot, and the rest of the Build you can use for learning how to Craft attack & defense. this way, when you do find the Legend items you want to use, you wont make too many mistakes with your next few Builds. if you find items with Sockets, you can test how to use Myth Stones and see how they fit into a Build.