Looking For Charging Immortals Counter Build

Can anyone share a good counter build for charging immortals? Literally every 1v1s or 2v2s i play on theres always atleast 1 charging immortal and its hard to beat them so it’d be nice if any of you all could share a good counter build :smiley:

“If you can’t beat them, join them” should i make a charging immortal build myself? haha

I don’t do PVP much, but if you do a Search :mag: on Immortal Builds, you should find Posts on how to counter them or to do better against them.

@Mr_Scooty did a big reveal with his Immortal Builds, and at about the same time, there was big nerf (Alchemy Mythic doesn’t work with MP Absorb just like Blood Magic doesn’t work with MP Absorb).

so many Immortal Builds had to change again to stay strong.

one thing about charging enemies is that if you can move around a lot while attacking, then you are kind of even with them. or have CC abilities to slow them down or stop them for a few seconds.