Looking for eternal (green armor) builds

I just got my main toon, a poison bow build, eternal leveled and im farming 501 for cyrstals but its slow going.

Are there any good Eternal builds? I have 12.8 of those salvage things but I don’t have a lot of eternals unlocked on warrior or wizard but I do have 65 of them unlocked for rouge.


you can use Dust to unlock Legend & Eternal items in the Codex, it just costs a lot. after unlocking an item, it costs less Dust to buy it, but it is one item per purchase, so if you want 5 Eternal Items for a chance to get an item with good affix values or a Crystal affix, and it is 500 Dust, you will spend 2500 Dust to get all 5.

there have been some players who have said they have made Eternal Item only Builds, but they aren’t that easy to make. as you can see from the Link I shared, only a few Crystals can be used to Craft Eternal Items. this will force you to find Eternal Items that work well together and that have affixes that you can use most, if not all, of the affixes on the Build you are going for.

Jasper is one of the Crystals that can be used on Eternal Items, so you can use items from other Classes if they fit into the Build you are trying to make.

just remember, Eternal Items double the values of affixes, so if you needed 4 Legend items for a certain Build, you would only need 2 or 3 of them if they are Eternal, depending of the affixes you are looking for.

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I would not advice a green armour build. But certainly you can some green items into it . Check out unreal hoods and fabled weapons of the eternal type. You can add mythic words and epic affixes (which are double the equivalent value on legend equivalent)


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Thanks I think I have 1 or 2 eternals with 4 slots

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Have fun :grinning:

Ewww green armor lol I’m totally against eternal

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haha, some players have made some all Eternal Builds, but most players just use one or two, since you can’t use most Crystals on them.

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