Looking for ideas for poison based build

Im mainky looking for things related to a helm for a wizard poison build. The charecter is curently low level so it will be a. Minute tull they reach 50 for max gear.

Plagued Set. +25% per Rank Poison DoT dmg. for every enemy with Poison DoT.
Poison Damage %, Epic or Legend (Legend is only found on looted items). Lots more damage.
Poison Damage +. A little more damage.
Blight. Increases Toxic DoT +100%.
+10 Sorcery Talent. Increases Poison DoT dmg +50%.
+10 Fester Talent. Increases Poison DoT speed +25%.

just putting in Plagued Set, Blight, & Sorcery Talent can boost your Poison DoT & Toxic DoT by a lot!

since this is for Equipment for the lower level Character until they can get your better gears, use the +5000 Poison instead of the % ones, as they work better on the lower level gears. switch to the % Poison damage when crafting your level 50 to 100 equipment.

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