Looking for > Pure Eternal Legend Build

Wanna ask if there is a pure eternal legend set already posted? Those that deal billions of damage. Can’t find any atm :frowning:
For PVE farming or floor climbing. Thank you in advance! :innocent:

i can just give you 1 tip:
eternal nadroji ring or amulet is a must have because of +4 all sets

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search builds

a cheater searching for easy grab

Searched already. There’s none yet (?) or maybe the better question is, is it even possible to have pure eternal build?

That escalated quickly :smiley: No no, let me tell you my story. I fully ascended my wiz (full luck set, converted from Griffin’s Exp build) then I spam-farm the shrines on floor 200 to spam the eternal drop feat. From there, I got these eternal items. Guaranteed 3 eternal items in 1 hour farm. Now just asking if there is a pure eternal build cuz my equip doesn’t kill fast on floors 500+ and observed that these floors drop lower amount of items than floor 200. Don’t have lot’s of gems to craft gears that’s why I’m relying on my loots.

Eternal Nadroji Ring and Neck
Eternal Druidic Totem
Eternal Eternalized Hammer
Eternal Crystalline Helm
Eternal Adeventurer Armor
Eternal Plagued Pet

Find that Eternals and you can have your own Eternal Farm Build… I already tried that but some eternal affixes are not totally important and also you cant choose your own affixes like (ED,HP,MP and Mythics)

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Yeah yeah. I mostly have these. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Thank you thank you! Mostly floor 200 eternals haha nice place to start :slight_smile: and for Knight too

Checked them already earlier. Thanks! :slight_smile: Actually, I’m not confident yet to splurge into crafting because I don’t have much resources yet and if it be worth it from what I’m currently getting at floor 200.

@ralfh i dont think u can get the same amount of Dmg like on a "normal build " even with perfectly rolled eternal sets or even crystal enternals u can’t get that High ED% DMG so u can go over 100B+ mabey with Bleed Dmg but with ED% DMG u dont have the right affixes on items that have ED% on it …

I would rather convert the eternals and make a “normal build” …

well first just keep all your crystals then craft them at once when you have enough

My farming rogue is a full Eternal character.

Scattershot with a few off affixes, deals about 200-400m.

Give me the recipe master!