Looking for updated guides for campaign not pvp

As title says looking for some updated guides for ALL classes for 2.0 or ones that are still current most that I have seen are from 2013-2014. Really loving the game a lot just want to be looking at proper guides, thx in advance

There are none compared to what you have already searched and found…silly question

Well for clearing maps, Blightbog and Green Garden works well for me, just tweak them according to your preferences.


Greengarden: Green Garden Build revealed
Blightbog: [DQ 2.0] Blightbog Saboteur (Bow) Floor 1394 Mythic 3

Which do you like better?

I personally use Blightbog since I’m a rogue, and although Greengarden would work on any class, it’s better on a wizard I think.

Be warned tho, Blightbog is like a literal glasscannon, billions of damage with no HP, I usually run a HP Taunt type Warrior main, with a Blightbog Rogue Hireling.


The Aftermath Build [WIZARD GUIDE] Check this guide out if your a wizard! I’ve been using this set for 1-2 months in campaign and a few weeks or even a month in battle arena. I did use changes like switch items for nadroji and others. Tweak my build to your own advantage and good luck with it! Ive reached up to mythic league and up to floor 174 but i did like over 1000 maps. Hope it gets you really high :smile: