Looking for Warrior Build T_T Can Someone Help Me


Help Me Im Currently at Floor 355 m3 and Looking for a Guide in Floor Hiking and Farming.
Can somebody give me some Idea that I can start with?



Advice - used easy map until youve reached 700 + floor
Find the SDS item for newbie farming it will help you in starting farming :grin::grin:


Go to the highest floor you can on easy. Drop it by 200 floors and change difficulty to mythic 3 . By which time you will have the items to climb.


but is there a chance like future item set for a pve Warrior?


Explore side by side the game and even you, can create your own build no need to copy build like others,


try this


also try the crushing flames set with at least 20% crushing blow if you want to floor hiking. it still deal high damage on high hp enemies.


Easy way: poison + blight :gentlemanparrot:


Thanks Thanks for all the Info