Looking for ways to counter thorns pve

I am practicly unstopable pve, but thorns is my bane. Any ideas or sugestions?

Thorns works a lot like Crushing Blow, so it can’t kill you, but it does lower your HP to make you vulnerable to attacks that can kill you.

  1. wait for Thorns to go away, attack, stop, repeat until enemy dead.
  2. have enough Health so that when you are healing, Thorns wont be a problem. I did a Masochism/Defiant Sets & Blood Magic Mythic combo. Thorns kept me from being able to attack, as my HP was too low. I added an extra +250 HP on Hit, and it fixed the problem. sort of. it was a build in progress. it also depends on the build. more HP Regen could work just as well, or some combo of the two.
  3. use +100% Glasscannon to get down to 1 HP (Wizard Talent Empower 40 gets you to 1 HP also, I think. you can use this with Glasscannon). you don’t have to worry about healing or Thorns anymore, but if your defense/movement sucks, you will die a lot.

Thanks how do i tell if thorns is active?

when active, Thorns makes it look like the enemy is glowing, kind of like an orange aura. it lasts for about 2 seconds(?), and then is off for about the same amount of time. some of the higher Tier monsters are big enough that you might not be able to see the aura, like the Epic+ Slimes.

the other way to tell is that your HP stops disappearing when you are attacking, and then disappears again.