Looking to improve. Suggestions needed

Hi my warrior is fun to play, however id like some opinions on my current build. To see where I could possibly improve my survivability and or DPS.

Currently having no issues on floor 175 Mythic 3

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Your objective is too vague… what methods do you want to use to deal damage, exactly? Smash? Earthshatter? Torrent? or maybe even Sprint?! (okay, that last one is least likely but it’s possible) though at first glance, it will do you well to change:

Luck, Gold Find, and Attack Speed to something like 5000 Element Damage and +2 All Sets.

Remove all attack speed affixes and find awesome procs like Taunt or Twister, or maybe even ditch the horn altogether and wear a totem instead. See them grouped up in one place, and see those craters do justice on those nasty, nasty mobs. The slow attack speed also helps in triggering procs, a perfect complement to heavy weapons.

It’s better to go for custom weapons. If your pieces have no +damage and %damage, those gear simply boil down to being stat sticks… one outcome that you will not want to happen.

Invest in heroic skills Strength and Intelligence for survivability, but hold back a bit if you want to balance them out with your damaging skill/s.

Use sets like Vampiric Touch, and Plagued to beef up your HP.

…well those are the basics. I can go on and on and on about general improvements you can implement but without any specific goal given, it’s gonna be all senseless banter.

I also recommend that you read and understand the Theorycraft thread. each affix slot is extremely valuable. Use them well, and use them in most synergy for best results.

On another note, please research on how to grab screenshots from your device. Not intending to sound rude but those… images… are rough on the eyes :cry:

Ok I’ve taken on board your comments and will try to adjust my gears etc.

What do you mean when you say stat stick?

I’m not sure how to screen grab on either of my devices
. Sorry

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Stat sticks — gear which boosts stats, but for their intended purpose, are as ineffective as a stick. That hammer is an excellent example. It’s supposed to be a high damage weapon with all full 6 affixes working full time for damage, but it’s doing something else entirely instead. Those affixes aren’t entirely bad at all, but they should be on something else instead.

Stat sticks are viable if you aren’t using it as a weapon altogether. Let’s say, in your gear as an example, you decide to use that horn as the main source of damage instead. In this case, the horn SHOULD have all 6 affixes working full-time for damage, while the hammer still provides excellent stats.

You can have either weapon slot as a stat stick if you wish and still make the build viable, but NOT both. Or perhaps none at all, should you actually wish to make both weapons useful.

Apologies for picture lol.

I’ve changed weapons to

I thought Green items were better than red?

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Not in all cases. Even if green items have double stats, as I mentioned you won’t want your main source of damage to be a mere stat stick. There are a select few exceptions to this (and those select few do their job too well are extremely valuable to have) but the rest is lame.

That axe is a very sweeeeeeeet choice. Keep two procs (I suggest pumping some points on taunt or torrent or both!) and the ice damage%, insert an Endow, use a Topaz, roll those oranges to weapon damage+ and damage% and you’re good to go! Watch your DPS reach new heights. Keep in mind that whatever primary means of slaughter you decide to use, that takes priority in your choice of heroic skills.

As for the shield, I mentioned you can either make it a stat stick or a full-time weapon. By the looks of it, you seem to have chosen the latter. It’s a good choice, it will increase those offhand procs (both taunt and torrent!). Should you desire to squeeze a little more DPS you can use some sapphires to change that cooldown affix to another weapon damage%.

From this point on, your other gear may be in need of some red %element damage and some elemental critical, and the same ol’ critical chance+critical damage. Those interact with your DPS multiplicatively, so also keep an eye out for those.

HP and survival is easy enough to incorporate. The Theorycraft thread eloquently covers what needs to be done, so I won’t discuss survival further.

I think half my trouble comes from the poor item comparison tool tips. When my DPS showed 60k - 102k I was doing less damage than what I currently do with my DPS showing 12k - 36k.

I’ve managed to sync all my element+ and % damage to Ice, also got my storm and taunt procs.

Got a few useless affixes to change but with your advice it seems my DPS is improving

Currently floor 192 Mythic 3

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Floor 209! Cartographers and other elite mobs now one shot me regularly, which kinda Sucks. I’m not entirely sure how to counter this, I’m thinking of adding sanctuary onto my pendant to at least help slightly

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Seems you’re getting the hang of it. Nice :smile:

Getting Vampiric Touch + Plagued + two more 5000 HP can easily solve the HP temporarily. Eventually, damage reduction can only do so much. Roughly strength alone at level 20 can help in not dying in at least one hit on those floors.

Sanctuary is generally a nice mythic to add.

Do you have a link to the theory craft thread?

Floor 216 at the moment and my pace has slightly slowed down - it seems my rogue chakaram guy out DPS’s me and dies less to those pesky cartographers!

My aim for today is to make floor 250 at least!

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Here it is


I hit floor 235 however the rate I kill and subsequently find gems etc has decreased dramatically, so for today I’m going to farm on my farmer

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It’s also a good idea to make a separate dedicated farming loadout, if resources allow. Efficiency is key to farming. Whatever you invest will yield long-term returns when you decide to take breaks for farming.

-Play at a lower difficulty while farming
-Increase item drops as high as possible (with Fortune mythstone or Rubies)
-Increase either gold find or luck to maximum. I’m biased to gold find but it’s up to you

My wizard is capped at luck gold find and item drops atm.

Theory craft thread seems very very useful

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Ok so I’ve read the theory craft thread and I’m going to work on getting my defensive stats up to scratch.

Should I be finding high quality epic items, completely cleaning and adding stats from there? Or would I find a legend with my desired affixes and attempt to change undesired ones?

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The latter is the least expensive and the most effective method… it will also somehow mitigate the randomness of the crystal enchantments too, since you will already be starting on a few core affixes that you would like to have on your gear.

Up to 19 mil in gold and around 50 of each low level MS/CS!

I’m an idiot , have been searching for a warrior item with plagued set affix. Does it exist or is it a case of find on a rogue (I think) and jasper over?

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There is… you may just not have run into them yet. Too many legends pool :laughing:

Warrior’s Plagued set has four pieces. If you are buying from the gamble vendor, the icon it has will be the icon it will be when you buy the item. Check the legendex to see what they look like. Maybe it will help on the hunt

If you want to hunt item for your rogue, you may bring rogue as hireling so that some rogue legend can be dropped. You could still try different combination of item on rogue.
I realize that rogue can kill much faster with set affix Trickster(5). She uses Mutiny as main weapon and I add Frozen to it. She use Blood Magic, PermaFrost, Plagued and Living Force.