Loot and mobs sometimes behind walls

This was a problem earlier, I know, then you guys did a patch and it seemed to be fixed. But over the past week or so, I’ve noticed it cropping up again.

I’ve had a few mobs somehow get between and behind the walls, so that they were able to be reached only partially or (on at least one occasion) not at all.

I wasn’t able to take a screenshot of it because, well, because I’m a bit slow technologically speaking, so I only just figured out a day or two ago how to do a screenshot while in the game. Luddites ‘R’ Us! Anyway, I’ve figured out the screenshot thing now.

So, I at least do have a screenshot of some loot that landed in an unreachable spot a day or two ago.

Phone version: Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000B

Android version: 4.1.2

First off…your image file name is GREAT :mrgreen:

Secondly, we have done a few things to try and fix this as much as possible in our game. The one thing we really cannot account for is the hardware that the user has when playing Dungeon Quest. Sometimes, game performance has an effect on our in game physics which can cause items to leave the “floor bounds”. We are still working on making this better and hopefully one day the Orb’s of Unattainability will be wiped from the game forever!!

Thank you for playing DQ, and thank you for your forum post.