Looted Crystal Items not Crafted

Hey guys I opened up this thread just for fun…post your looted Crystal items I mean not crafted…lol… here’s mine…[emoji56]

1st - looted it a week after 1.6 version was released…

2nd - just looted it a week ago…

ok… here’s my 1st… hope to find more…

This is slighly crafted to make it usable. I have a lot of dream in this gear hehe

I just looted this 5 minutes ago. Sadly I need to jasper it so I could use it on my Rogue.

Here’s mine looted it last week. Hey idol aSar. Hehe[emoji2]

On what floor did the crystal item can be loot?


hahah aSar has a fan… nice…:wink:

@dieter what is the effect of electric element.


stun, i think…

Debuff and stun for shock element.

Thank to all. And the effect of arcane?

Not been lucky enough to even find a legend pet much less a crystal item… current farm ep 5 floors 196 til whatever floor I die 3 times on… how many people have actually purchased a crystal item through the merchant? Best I’ve gotten was a Fortuna from a normal quality ring.

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Very lucky if you could get a Crystal item from merchant shop…[emoji6]

Buying crystal item is not a good move its xpensive its better to farm. 1mins of farming can get 5+ crystal

Awts block affixed is cap at 51% why not 60% like evasion.

Wait wat? block capped at 51% for your total gear? are you sure? :unamused:

What’s all resist cap? Percent cap?

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Blocked is capped at 60%…but the color is green even if it’s max.lol.

[quote=“Shrowder”]What’s all resist cap? Percent cap?

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