Lose progress past floor 200?


So if I’m past floor 200, like to floor 220, and I open the map and start playing but then something comes up and I have to close the game before finishing the floor, do I have to start at floor 200 again?


No. Just buy a challenge map from the shop (50k gold @ floor 200) and convert until you get back to floor 220.


Ouch if that map is Eternal. :triumph:




It’s a legacy gear. Before they introduced the bonus affixes.


Im sorry man i didnt know that​:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


You’re good and That was a fair question. I have a bunch of the Nadroji Robes and helmets without the bonus affix.


Thanks man… i didnt mean it. Im just wondering about that item but looks like im a little bit offensive
to you😧because when i play this game there was already bonuses.


Meh nothing you have posted in forum has been offensive. Your question was fair since a lot of players do not know the Nadroji Robe and Hat did not have bonus back in V2.0. :+1:


You can still remove bonus if you really want on any legend item, but its risky by changing the item on diff class the bonus will go 2nd slot and use crystal remove affix random and hope for the best 50-50.


A couple of legacy Nadroji gears below.


Wow!:heart_eyes::clap::clap::clap: Lucky!:ok_hand:


Not lucky. I just haven’t used any of those old gears yet. I saved them for future builds. That is exactly how those gears dropped over 2 years ago.


use a few thousand Crystals to get max values for the affixes, but even if you don’t, they sure are good values as is, and being Legends, you have the choice of Myth Stones, or switching them out for something else. wow, that +4 Pick Up Radius is so awesome! isn’t it +2 now? so cool!
@Quewbism I have a map saved for when I want to farm around floor 400 and 500, that way I don’t have to spend gold and stress trying to get a map to where I want it. if you end up in a situation you have to close the game before you finish the map, just go to the shop and buy another one, it will be a map of the floor you are on, so when you log back in later, you have the map already, and just use a few Crystals to change the affixes if you need to, and then you are back to crushing monsters again.
when I was climbing floors when I first started, I would always make a mistake of some kind, and end up starting at floor 200 again, so eventually, because of frustration and despair, I trained myself to go to the shop and get a map, especially if I was having a hard time defeating the Cartographer or had to leave the game before I finished the map.
and if you really goof up, just use the method @Mr_Scooty shared earlier. before I discovered the DQ Forums, it took me a few days to figure out the maps in the shop. :confused: :worried:


I’ve never thought about pick up area stats


I have only seen a few posts where they use them in farming builds, but they save time when having to pick up loot. don’t have to go chasing all the gold, just have to get a little closer. I saw one post where the Toon had +12 pick up radius on the gears. I want to make a build similar to that, but giving up that much space is beyond my crafting skills at the moment.


It’s a lot of affix sacrifice for a little pick up radius :hushed:


true, but I have come across some maps with big open spaces that take 1-2 minutes just to clear all the loot. sure, my hounds like to pick up gold, but I’m not running any Imps at the moment, and a big room with 120% pack size with 400%+ Rare monsters and 120%+ Magic monsters with +2 Enemy Affix on the map to increase the chance to get experience +100% and loot drops +200% on some of the monsters, makes for a lot of loot. not to mention I got my Item Drop Rate up to 225%, and I really need all the loot to sell for gold, since I convert my Legend and Eternal items to Crystals. don’t really need Dust at the moment, I have enough for any emergency crafting I may need to do in the near future. Hirelings should be able to pick up loot like the Main, since the loot goes into both Characters bags. I mean, my Hireling will go out of my sight to smack monsters, but leaves all the loot gathering up to me! and I have to go searching for it! :mag_right: :eyes: :angry: :unamused: :rage: :disappointed: :weary: I may be a lazy player, but my Hireling makes me look like a workaholic! :head_bandage: :dizzy_face:


Lol. How can you be a lazy player with so much time spent calculating. Making life simpler is not lazy. It’s smart :smiling_imp:


no! no! you misunderstand! those numbers are in the Codex Dictionary, and I recently decided to start using the +2 Monster Affix on Challenge Maps just for those 2 affixes. plus, most of this information is somewhere in the Forums, I just read others hard work and put it to good use! :sweat: actually, for the last 3 weeks, I have been thinking of making a set of level 1 gear for Ascending my extra 5 Character slots, with only Mythics and Myth Stones, except the pet is a level 100 hound. the last few days, I think I finally got a crafting plan that will do what I want it to do, and now I just need to make it. the hard part will be making a new Ascending/Farm build for my main, which already has all 6 Perks. I kind of had a thought about making it a crazy Reflect Damage Ascending Farm Build, and have been thinking of ways to drastically increase the damage. just don’t know if I have enough room for everything on my Mains gear yet, still in the idea stage.
I know, I said I am lazy, but I wrote this long response to @dickwad.
going to take a look in the Codex and see if I can find a Warrior non OH item with Block and 100% ED.